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Last week, Keith and I returned from the West Coast Art and Frame show in Las Vegas. We had 4 solid days of training, inspiration, and motivation from the Leaders in our Picture Framing Industry. We were able to glean from them new framing and mounting techniques, see the newest products and tools available for the framing business, and learn all about how to provide the very best products and services to YOU, our very valued customer!Out of the 30+ picture framers in Lancaster County, we were the only Frame shop owners in attendance from our area.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you some of the new products and tools we will be having available. We are committed to being our best for YOU!

Many blessings,

Keith and Cindy Grebinger

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The young and the rest of us!

imageNow here’s a face that any woman raising children or caring for grandchildren in the 80’s knows well!  I remember all too well getting my three little angels to nap in time to flop exhausted on the couch and for a precious hour to be transported to another world with “The Young and the Restless”

One of my daughter Amber’s favorite memories of my mother, her grandmother, was watching the soap opera on sick or vacation days from school when her Grammy watched her. It was my mother who affectionately referred to the show as ” The Young and the Rest of us!” I always thought that was kinda corny, but now that I have grandchildren of my own, it is a lot funnier😌

And she took her fan dom very seriously! I remember inviting her to go shopping or out to a late lunch to which she would reply ” but I’ll miss my soaps!”

I can’t believe that Victor is still going strong! He has been the chief workaholic, villain, and womanizer since 1980! Married 13 times to 9 different women… Victor had a way of making us feel like we all had our lives totally together!

Speaking of Another World, my husband, Keith reminded me of an awesome song by Christian music artist, Carmen called “Soap song”

You can find it on YouTube, but here are the very catchy lyrics for you to enjoy…

Gone are the days of Leave it to Beaver,
Matt Dillon and his sidekick Festus.
Now we survive on the immoral lives
Of those of the Young and the Restless!!
It’s not that they’re young,
They’re just uh, restless!
Not doing at all like they should!
So they go to the General Hospital,
And The Doctors can’t do ’em no good.
So they keep on with their Search for Tomorrow
Not doing one thing that’s right!
And they all end up in Another World,
About to fall off The Edge of Night!
But that shouldn’t matter,
Cuz after all, As the World Turns
You only have but One Life to Live!
There remains a blessed hope for you
And All your Children,
More Hope than Ryan could ever give!
If we want true contentment, peace in our homes
With an end to marital strife
We must live for Jesus Christ
The Only Guiding Light
Not one, but All The Days of our Lives!

Thanks for taking this stroll down memory lane with me today!

Many blessings all the Days of your Lives!


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Just a crumbled piece of paper… or is it ???

You’ve probably heard it said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Much to my husband’s dismay I have been known to want to walk our goldendoodle, Sweet Pea, the night before trash day so I could scour the neighbors discarded items for treasures I could recycle!

Kudos to our customers Mark and Michelle who recognized that when 15 year old Lily brought home a painting on a crumbled piece of paper that it was worth keeping… even framing!

I remember when my children were small I had a garbage bag with each of their names on it in my attic… filled with all kinds of artwork that I didn’t have the heart to throw away. ( I do think somewhere in the last 20 years since they have graduated from high school those garbage bags went bye-bye!)

Anyway, back to Lily’s story… so Lily’s mother had an upcoming birthday and Mark and Michelle brought Lily’s painting to us to be framed. At first we thought we should try to flatten it and cover the edges that were bent and torn… but as we worked with it we realized that it needed to be mounted on top of a matboard instead of under a mat so we could see the complete work of art as Lily had created it. So here is the finished piece…


Beautiful! Isn’t it? Imagine how thrilled Lily’s mother will be to receive that for her special gift. And, imagine how affirming it is to Lily that her crumbled up painting was worthy of framing!

I’m so glad we didn’t cover up the imperfections… really isn’t it our torn and bent edges that make each of us a work of art in our Father’s eyes. He looks right past them and says… “There is My beautiful son/or daughter . My creation, made in My image.”

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After 58 years as an only child, I finally have a brother!



Growing up in the fifties, on the outskirts of a small, rural town was very lonely as an only child. My parents had hoped to have more children, but God had a different plan.

My parents were kind and generous, but strict disciplinarians. There was much focus on achievement and completing tasks well, and not a lot of room for the silliness and nonsense play that a little girl yearns for.

I remember occasionally leaving my organized home, so quiet you could hear a pin drop and being invited to visit for a few hours the crazy chaos of a friends’ home that had numerous siblings! How I loved the noise, the laughter and all the hustle and bustle of their homes! I begged to stay longer, not wanting to return to my books, dolls, and coloring books which were my constant companions.

I believe that being an only child has shaped me into the introverted, task oriented person I am today. It also forced me to become an imaginative creative person. Because I played alone 90 % of the time, I dreamed up wild, adventuresome lives for my dolls and spent many hours constructing the necessary props for my play from fabric, paper and glue.

About now you are probably thinking… “Oh good grief… Quit your whining! It wasn’t all that bad”. And you are absolutely right… My only reason for even boring you with my ancient history is to demonstrate how very much our family of origin molds and shapes our personality into who we become as adults.

Walk By Faith Embroidery from Bob Weidman on Vimeo.

So fast forward about 50 years and I find myself at a crossroad in my life. My three children are grown and married. I have a job that pays well, is a pleasant enough work environment, but I have this huge yearning to use my creative talents. I sit at work sketching in my journal all the ideas I have for super kid capes, soft adorable baby blankets,etc, etc. (You get the picture!). I decide, with my awesome husband’s blessing!, to leave my job and begin to bring some of my sketches to life! Just like I did all those years ago alone in my room creating exciting adventures for my Barbie dolls!

But this time, I am not alone, because I now have a Brother! A Brother embroidery machine , that is! My brother and I are getting to know each other well because we spend LOTS of time together these days! I know when he needs a new needle, or a cleaning, or a heavier stabilizer just by the sounds that he makes! Together we are transforming fabrics and thread into the creations that I have been envisioning!

There has been a huge learning curve, but I am so happy as I now feel I am using the gifts and talents that God gave me so long ago! I wake up everyday excited about the next project I am going to begin. I thank the Lord and my parents for instilling perseverance, creativity and a vivid imagination in me.

I have named my new endeavor, Walking by Faith embroidery. One creation and project at a time I am following my heart and operating out of my God given strengths! What an awesome, blessed place that is to be!

Cindy Grebinger

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Erma Wenger retires from Roots Market after 28 years

Roots Market, A local farmers market founded in 1925 is open every Tuesday year round.

Not only do locals go their each week for their fruit and vegetables, but many Lancaster County artisans can be seen displaying their craft.

For 28 years one of those artists was Erma Wenger. A Lancaster County Native who started painting when she was only 12 years old.

Known for her Lancaster County scenes, Erma has sold her art to all 50 states and over 50 countries worldwide.


The last Tuesday in December (December 27th, 2016) was officially Erma’s last day at Roots. (We were able to get our photo taken with Erma on that day)

Cindy and I feel honored to be able to follow Erma in displaying Local Framed art at her Roots Stand.

Have you seen Erma at Roots or purchased any of her artwork over the years? Please reply below.

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