Just a crumbled piece of paper… or is it ???

You’ve probably heard it said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Much to my husband’s dismay I have been known to want to walk our goldendoodle, Sweet Pea, the night before trash day so I could scour the neighbors discarded items for treasures I could recycle!

Kudos to our customers Mark and Michelle who recognized that when 15 year old Lily brought home a painting on a crumbled piece of paper that it was worth keeping… even framing!

I remember when my children were small I had a garbage bag with each of their names on it in my attic… filled with all kinds of artwork that I didn’t have the heart to throw away. ( I do think somewhere in the last 20 years since they have graduated from high school those garbage bags went bye-bye!)

Anyway, back to Lily’s story… so Lily’s mother had an upcoming birthday and Mark and Michelle brought Lily’s painting to us to be framed. At first we thought we should try to flatten it and cover the edges that were bent and torn… but as we worked with it we realized that it needed to be mounted on top of a matboard instead of under a mat so we could see the complete work of art as Lily had created it. So here is the finished piece…


Beautiful! Isn’t it? Imagine how thrilled Lily’s mother will be to receive that for her special gift. And, imagine how affirming it is to Lily that her crumbled up painting was worthy of framing!

I’m so glad we didn’t cover up the imperfections… really isn’t it our torn and bent edges that make each of us a work of art in our Father’s eyes. He looks right past them and says… “There is My beautiful son/or daughter . My creation, made in My image.”

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